"Drowning only take a moment....give your child the gift of TIME!"

What is a Survival Swimming Program?

How is it different than a traditional program?

  • Provides one-on-one lessons customized to the child's unique developmental, social, and emotional needs and level of comfort in the water
  • Lessons are 4-5 days a week for approximately 6-8 weeks 
  • ​Flotation devices and swimming aids are NEVER used in the teaching and learning process
  • Teaches proper swimming posture (horizontal) with face down and eyes in the water
  • Teaches proper and effective use of arms and legs to propel through the water 
  • Teaches effective and efficient breathing by rolling onto the back to float and rest (never popping the head UP)
  • Lessons are based on principles of behavioral science, sensorimotor learning, and developmental milestones and their application to the aquatic environment
  • Has a specific progression of skills that are taught in a sequence that connects each separate skill to the next
  • Has the specific end goal of self-rescue by the child in the event of an aquatic emergency
  • Has a process for a comprehensive review of each child's medical history before lessons begin to allow for any accommodations/modifications for the child and to ensure the safest lesson possible
  • Instructor training is a 6-8 week intensive which includes 100's of hours of in-water practicum and at least 60-80 hours of classroom instruction
  • Instructors are trained and certified in areas such as child development and behavioral science and how those apply to the aquatic environment
  • Instructors are certified through an organization that SPECIALIZES in teaching survival swimming skills to infants, toddlers, and young children
  • Instructors are CPR & First Aid certified and must maintain those certifications annually
  • Instructors have a professional support system in place if a child is not progressing as expected

10 people die EVERY DAY from drowning.  Half of those drownings are children.  Nearly 80% of all drownings are males.  Drowning is NOT like what you see on television or in the movies.  It is SILENT and FAST.


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